I’m a 28 year old visual artist from Central Ostrobothnia, Finland.

I have brains of a painter. Painting is something I know best and something I always come back to. I see colours, shapes and surfaces. These three things consists a painting which can take any form – not always two-dimensional.

The place where I currently am, always affects my working, and I let it. I am an observer. The thinking process behind my works is always similar: the work is a reflection of my reality. Every time I objectively try to process some kind of subject through my art, I notice I reveal something from myself too. This way my own life is always present in my works.

I’m interested how people think. The certain need for control and the artificiality of that fascinates me. As a human being I want to build and be in charge of entirety. The feeling of mastery is stunning but of course illusion in its’ own impossibility.

The need of making art comes from my will of making somekind of sense of this life. To create analyzed thinking entities. When I began to work with new project, it’s not clear to me what I want to achieve. My vision forms while I engage in a dialogue with my own thoughts and the precence of the material. When I’m done with the subject, I can move on to next issue that needs to be solved.

– Mira