Capturing Space


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Capturing Space 1: house
Capturing Space 1: house
Capturing Space 2: box
Capturing Space 3: net
Drawing horizon
Drawing 1: taking control
Drawing 2
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Capturing Space is a series of works that originated from a need to explore personal space and home. The result is a series of structures which all form some kind of enclosed space. Square or rectangular form is a recurring form in most human made dwellings, and these forms do not occur organically in nature.

In the drawings I used unusual materials instead of paper and pen to examine what defines a drawing.

I spent four months in Ireland during spring 2016. The works that I made there handled the issues of home and space, and the need of control. Both finding and coincidence became a big part of my working there. Collecting and finding materials became a natural routine. I also thought about the fact that an art piece may have only a certain lifetime. After that, it will no longer exist.